What is Zach's Platform All About?


Our schools in Oklahoma are in constant need of attention. Our teachers go to work everyday in classrooms they have to furnish themselves. The students are given torn, damaged, and outdated textbooks. Impoverished students go to school hungry without a free breakfast or lunch and are told this is the status quo. If elected I will focus on getting our educators a bigger voice in the discussion of Oklahoma's education, as well as making sure they are adequately compensated for their continued hard work in teaching the students of Oklahoma.

I will guarantee the repeal of any legislation that undermines the efforts of our educators. No unjust bill will get my approval. I say "No." to any book banning, curriculum censorship, strong arm methods to promote one religion over another in a classroom, and legislation that targets LGBTQ+/POC/homeless/etc. students.


I will work to challenge the partisan split on the controversial topic of firearm and gun safety. If elected I will encourage and assist in the creation of courses and resources that will work to educate the citizens of Oklahoma about firearm literacy and proper gun safety. I also wish to form a state-wide incentive for first time gun owning parents. This incentive will allow a new gun owning parent to redeem a lockbox for their firearm at a discounted price that includes information on proper gun safety, handling, and storage.

I will also strengthen the position to have more thorough and strong background checks against violent criminals, individuals charged with any variation of domestic abuse, and those found guilty of terrorism.


Oklahoma unfortunately does not have the necessary resources for the volume of people suffering with mental illnesses in the state. I will spearhead efforts to increase funding for programs that will increase the quality of life for citizens of Oklahoma with mental illnesses. Whether it's resources, treatment, or research I will always throw my support in for it.

I will also support any legislation that reaffirms women's right to their bodily autonomy, makes contraceptives more accessible, and removes the additional unnecessary tax on feminine hygiene products. When in office, I want to tackle Big Pharma and their predatory practice of hiking up prices on medications for inflated and ridiculous amounts.

Criminal Justice

Working in Corrections I've had a front-line perspective and role in many Oklahoman's process in the state's criminal justice system. Going hand-in-hand with my plans to address the mental health crisis in Oklahoma, I will also work to draft and sponsor any legislation promoting rehabilitation that benefits the community while putting the offender in a position not to reoffend, giving victims of violent and sexual crimes more rights and oversight in the sentencing of their assaulters, and moving inmate's who are mental health offenders to facilities that better address their specific needs rather than a facilities designed to incarcerate.

If elected, I will push to lower the state's recidivism rates and increase the quality of rehabilitation programs for low level offenders.

Equality and Civil Rights

As mentioned in my plans for Education, I will work to promote educational and informative material to students. I will also make these resources accessible on state websites for citizens to visit. I will support any non-discrimination bill that protects the civil liberties and rights of citizens who are LGBTQ+, women, POC, disabled, and/or homeless.

I will also ensure that our Oklahoma Veterans are given the appropriate resources and are not forgotten when they come home. The men and women of our armed forces see horrors words can barely describe. They deserve to come home with mental health resources and caring communities ready to take them in.