Born in 1999, Zachary "Zach" Walls is native Lawtonian who has spent his life watching the busy city of Lawton go from a humble municipality with small-town aesthetics to a lively city filled with ambitious citizens.

Zach graduated from Lawton High School in 2017 and pursued higher education at Cameron University, enrolling in the Criminal Justice program with a focus in English. Zach's goal from a young age was to not only follow in his father's footsteps in the criminal justice system but to go further and make a positive impactful change to the system too many citizens are familiar with.

Zach put his postsecondary education pursuits on hiatus to focus on a family emergency and since 2020 has worked in Corrections and online content creation to better understand the criminal justice system outside of a classroom environment.

Learning to never slink away from being himself, Zach has been openly bisexual for 4 years after spending his adolescence "in the closet" out of fear for ridicule from his peers and adult superiors in school.

Since his youth, Zach has been involved in scouting in some way. He has been a cub scout, boy scout, venture scout, camp counselor/camp staff for Camp George Thomas & Kerr Scout Ranch at Slippery Falls, and now finally a Wood Badge trained adult advisor for Scouts BSA and Venture Scouts.

When Zach isn't working he spends time creating videos, skits, daily vlogs, and public awareness videos on Tiktok for his sizable fan-base. Zach's videos and content range from short clips with sigh-inducing dad jokes, life updates in vlogging formats, and more grounded 1-3 minute long videos detailing social issues. He makes all his videos with adult oriented humor and creative unapologetic directness.

Zach also actively goes out hiking in the nearby Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. Some other outdoor activities Zach enjoys while not at home and has appreciated from his involvement in Scouts BSA are camping, ethical hunting/wildlife conservation, skeet shooting, and bird study. However, when he is at home Zach enjoys reading, writing, cooking, playing his favorite videogames, and honing the skill of mead making.

When time allows it, you can also find Zach participating in community events. He has helped set up and volunteered in donation drives hosted by community social media pages such as the "The Lawton Rantstitution" and "Lawton Grapevine". Zachary has assisted the Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry in moving to their new location as well as volunteered at their community dinners for those in need. He has also helped and volunteered for Life & Wonder Ministries, been a friend to the youth of Lawton as a LaSill Optimist Club member, and has supported fellow LGBTQ+ citizens by accompanying them to public speaking events and by also becoming an available active listener should they ever need a person to talk to.

Zach is a through and through born 'n raised Lawtonion and proud Oklahoman. He is a strong social advocate, ambitious citizen, and optimistic young man that is seeking office to bring the voice of the people to the Capitol, plant the seeds for our state's future generations, and to give Oklahoma the tools it needs to be a Top 10 state.