Zachary Walls

Independent Candidate


OK District 64

A New Direction. A Better Future.

The Person

Zachary Walls is a native Oklahoman and first generation Lawtonian. He is a Correctional Officer and online content creator who has witnessed the effects of poor leadership at all levels of government including local, state, and federal. Zach is running for State Representative of the 64th District of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

The Platform

Ranging from reproductive rights to gun safety legislation, supporting our educators to giving victims more rights in court cases, Zach stands ready to support the people of Oklahoma by carrying their voices up to the Capitol. Zach plans to always have a way for the people of Oklahoma to reach him.

The People

Zach believes having a strong line of communication with your elected officials is important, especially in times like this where misinformation and unchained headlines run rampant. Zach has created a brief survey (link below) for you to answer so he can know the diversity of his supporters and your individual concerns within District 64 and the whole of Oklahoma. This information will help Zach focus his efforts on what the people need specifically. You can also find Zach's varying social media pages as well as some different avenues to contribute financially below. All support is appreciated whether it be in taking the survey, giving Zach a like, share, or shout-out on social media, or contributing to the campaign fund. Zach plans to work twice as hard to pay the people of Oklahoma back fourfold for their support this year and on.